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Edward Jones

“Michael does magic right in front of you that you would expect to see on national television. He is so fluid with it that you have no way of figuring out how he could have possibly done what he does. Simply amazing.”

Joe Korkowski, KXRA Radio

“My family reunion was completely blown away by Michael’s magic show! He did a variety of magic from close up to card tricks to mental telepathy!” He included everyone and I would highly recommend Michael for your event.

Chuck Wencle

“I’ve known Michael for well over 10 years now.  He’s very entertaining and somehow every time I see him he’s both better, and much funnier than before.”

Patrick Umphrey, Magician

“Michael Graves changed how I watch magic. I was always one of those people to try to figure out how the trick was being done instead of just enjoying watching. But once I saw his magic that changed, he is so fluid and skilled in his act that it just pulls you in and you can’t help get caught up in watching and just enjoying! The best I have seen in person so far!”

Sarah J Hanson, Massage Therapist at Certain Serenity Massage

“I enjoy Michael Graves Magic so much, that I requested to write this. If I had to summarize my experience in oneword; unbelievable. It is truly a mind bending experience. I enjoy it so much, that whenever I see him casually, I ask him to show me some tricks, and being the nice guy he is, he tells me the card I’m going to pick before I pick it. When I plan parties, I will usually ask Michael to come out and bring a deck of cards, and my guests love it. I highly recommend Michael Graves for his energy, his skill, and his character.”

Dj Mike Nelson, The Venue Nightclub Minneapolis

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