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Comedy Magic and Mentalist

Michael Graves

Magicians in Minnesota Michael Graves Magic

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"He kept the audience 100% involved with the performance! His magic was absolutely breathtaking and amazing. He was really accommodating and understanding of the varied schedule of our event, he was more than happy to work with us on adjusting the show time. We couldn't have found better entertainment for our event, words can't even describe how great he was interacting with the Scouts. Michael is definitely on the list for future events. Thanks so much for everything!!"

Review by EVAN S. FROM PARK RAPIDS, MN ON 8/12/2017

Michael Graves

Just a few of



Common Questions

Here are the four  most common questions that come up when people are thinking of hiring a magician

1."We have always had a hypnotist at            our event, why do we hire you?"

2. Magicians cost to much to hire.

3. "Magicians are more suited for kids            parties."

4.“If I’ve seen one magician, haven’t I           seen them all?”


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From the young age of four my Uncle Nick would show me magic tricks, from the classic where is my thumb and who's got your nose (I still can't figure them out) As the years passed, I would get encouragement from my mother and with her guidance and support my life in magic started.


At the age of 12 I started to do paid shows for friends and family. When not performing I was learning, books books and more books were read (the library was awesome!) Growing up in Minneapolis Saint Paul, Minnesota, I was fortunate enough to have two great magic stores, Twin Cities Magic and Costume and Eagle Magic ( Houdini shopped there!) With guidance from professionals and the patience of my mother who would hear this all watch mom look look (love you mom.) I would stay on this magical path and now I invite you to experience my magic & Mentalism 

Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
Magicians in Minnesota
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