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Hiring a Hypnotist

Hiring the same act, over and over again is common, why? Because it is easy. The main issue with hiring the same act is that your guests will see the same thing over and over and that gets boring.

Hire a different type of entertainer!

No one likes to be made fun of! Michael makes sure your guests are respected!

In this day and age of bullying on the minds of so many. Some hypnotists make fun of the volunteers on stage, all while the audience

laughs at their peers. 


cost a lot

We are not as expensive as you think.There are two choices when hiring a magician. You can go with the cheaper costing one and find out that you get what you pay for. The other choice is hiring a professional and getting

your moneys worth.

Get a quote from Michael Graves

Get a quote from Michael Graves

What you're paying for: Equipment,Costumes

Hours of rehearsal time, Lessons and training, Promotion costs, High percentages to self employment taxes, Bills, Food. Hire a Pro

get a Pro.

Magicians are more suited for kids parties

Magicians perform for all kinds of events.

Some magicians just do kids parties while others just do weddings. Magicians are very popular with all the exposure on Americas Got Talent.

Talk to Michael about your event 

and what genre you have planed. 

If I have seen one magician I have seen them all

Just as some magicians only do kids parties

or weddings, there are different styles of

magic: Mentalist, Illusionist, Close up, Classic, Comedy and many more.

Michael specializes in many areas of magic, speak to him about the magic you are looking for. 

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